This 3-hour course is designed for individuals who have an interest in voiceover as a career. After completion, you'll be armed with the knowledge you’ll need to help make an educated decision about coaching and training to become a professional voice actor. Searching the internet to answer your voiceover related questions can be frustrating and can lead you down the rabbit hole. What a waste of time and energy. This course will save you tons of time and will give you the real answers that you've been searching for.

* What kinds of coaching and training will you need?  

* Will you need to build a broadcast quality home studio?  

* What equipment is vital to your success? 

* Can you make a living doing voiceover? 

* How do you start a part-time or full-time career? 

* What is a demo and do you need one?  

* Should you produce your own demo? (the answer is no) 

* Where do you find voiceover jobs or audition opportunities?

Throughout this course, you’ll hear honest conversation about the voiceover industry and where your voice may fit into the big picture. If you want to cut through the online noise and find real answers to your questions, this course is for you. 

Voiceover is an amazing career. Is it right for you? Just like any career, voiceover takes training, hard work and dedication. Do you have what it takes to be your own boss? Are you willing to put in the time and work it takes to be successful? Join your Instructor and Professional Voice Actor Rhonda Phillips to explore the wild world of voiceover. No fluff. No B.S. Just honest answers.

Need some great resources? Get it here:  Introduction To Voiceover Resources

Introduction To Voiceover - Straight Talk About Talking

Praise for this course:

About the Instructor


Rhonda Phillips

Rhonda has been a full-time voice actor and producer for over 13 years. She has a successful voiceover career as well as coaches new students to help them achieve their voiceover goals. rhondasvoice.comShe first began teaching an Introduction to Voiceover course at Western Colorado Community College and has since developed it for online consumption. Why? Because anyone getting started in voice acting needs to have the proper tools in their toolbox before jumping into uncharted waters.When it comes to a teacher, you want someone who understands the frustration that can come with starting a new business. We’ve all walked a mile in new shoes. Changing careers or starting a new career isn’t easy. Rhonda is here to guide you through the beginning stages of your voiceover exploration.  So, if you’re interested in knowing more about what it takes to make voiceover your new career,  you are in the right place.Oh, and I love art, animals and my family!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 3

    Your Role as an entrepreneur

    • Your Role As An Entrepreneur

  • 4

    How To Get Started

    • How To Get Started

  • 5

    Genre Exploration

    • Genre Exploration

  • 6

    Equipment and Software

    • Software or DAW - Digital Audio Workstations

    • Microphones, Interface and Monitor Speakers

  • 7

    Home Studios

    • Home Studio Exploration

  • 8


    • Coaching For Success

  • 9


    • What kinds of training will you need?

  • 10

    Demos and Demo Production

    • Demo Production and Costs

  • 11

    Demo Explorations

    • Demo Explorations

  • 12


    • Websites - Do you need one?

  • 13

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Tracking

    • Customer Relationship Management/Tracking/Invoicing

  • 14

    Marketing Marketing Marketing

    • Marketing and More Marketing

  • 15


    • What is Branding and why is it important?

  • 16

    Budgeting, Accounting and Legal Stuff

    • Set Your Business Up For Success

  • 17

    Goals - Set Some!

    • Goals

  • 18

    Online Casting Sites - AKA Pay 2 Play sites (P2P)

    • Pay To Play Casting Sites AKA P2P Sites

  • 19


    • Do You Need An Agent?

  • 20

    Key Players

    • Key Players in the VO industry

  • 21

    Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure Agreements

    • Don't Spill The Beans

  • 22

    What should I charge? Industry Standard Rates

    • Charge What Your Worth! (undercutting is bad)

  • 23

    Studio Etiquette

    • What to do and what not to do

  • 24


    • Rejection. Can you handle it?

  • 25

    Union and Non-Union Work

    • Union and Non-Union Work

  • 26

    Write A Business Plan

    • Write A Business Plan

  • 27

    Studio Etiquette

    • Studio Etiquette - Things to do and not to do

  • 28

    Tips From The PROS

    • Tips from The Pros

  • 29

    Resources and Continuing Education

  • 30

    Congratulations! You've finished the course.

    • A message from Rhonda

  • 31

    Subscribe To My Channel on YouTube

  • 32

    Bonus Resources

    • Coaching and Demo Production Resources

  • 33

    Privacy Policy - Legal Disclaimer

Find out if a career in VOICEOVER is right for you today! 

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